Project Timeline 2005–2010

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Support Material

‘Support Material’ houses the materials of the project which do not relate to the timeline or any of the other general thematic tags. The two category tags are Further Reading and Research and Project Overviews.

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A PDF timeline, spanning the years 2004 to 2010, which shows key events and periods from the project.

2004–2010 OTB Project timeline (Download PDF)

From the document’s preface:

This volume is a collection of the papers delivered at the Communications Policy and Research Forum on 19–20 November 2009.

Record of the Communications Policy & Research Forum 2009 (External Link – PDF)

A report produced by the Digital Economy Branch of the Australian Government’s Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy (DBCDE). From the DBCDE’s description of the report:

The Australian Government released the Australia’s Digital Economy: Future Directions paper on 14 July 2009 which outlines:

  • why the digital economy is important for Australia
  • the current state of digital economy engagement in

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A column by the Sydney Morning Herald‘s TV writer, Michael Idato, in which he interviews Australian television industry figures on their views on the future of television.
From the article:

Doomsayers would tell you that television, waging a war for eyeballs with the internet, DVD, pay TV and illegal downloads, has reached a parlous turning point. Add diminishing revenue, and

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Transcript of a 2008 Media Watch episode in which Peter Cox (Media analyst), Mark Scott, (Managing Director, ABC), Wayne Goss, (Chairma, Free TV Australia), and Kim Williams (CEO, Foxtel) talk to Jonathan Holmes, host of ABC TV’s Media Watch, about the future of Australian television.
Media Watch: Future of Television (External link –

Our aim is to prepare an OTB Package for the 3rd Forum which is planned to run at SCA, 0930–1330 Thursday 27 November 2008.
The OTB Package will contain:

  • Raphael’s Matrix (HP to set up an A3 version)
  • Description of axes
  • Descriptions of each Quadrant
  • Summary of each Quadrant (page-by-page or also in A3 version?)

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An overview of SUPERSTRUCT, a ‘massively multiplayer forecasting game’ which aims to ‘chronicle the world of 2019 – and imagine how we might solve the problems we’ll face’, developed by Jane Mcgonigal and the Institute for the Future.
SUPERSTRUCT – A Sneak Preview of The Final Threat (External link, IFTF)


  • Slowness of broadband speeds
  • Lack (of television channels) in rural Australia
  • Lack of national curriculum, consequent loss of opportunity to teach using Australian digital content
  • Nomophobia – importance of mobile phone, devastating feeling of being cut off from the world or news of family
  • Degrees of User Generated Content and ease of accessibility – ‘almost everything I can

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This is how it started …
In October 2006, Caroline Christov-Barkargiev suggested to me an idea for a seemingly minimal piece that kept gathering little nuances as we discussed it. I went away and thought about it and sent this email to CCB.
The first thing I like about the word ‘conversation’ is that it has ‘verso’ …(continue reading)


  • Extent of innovation related to the Internet search and especially Google. Its in the miracle category, an unbelievably smart company. Its mix of algorithm, technological expertise, its understanding of users and burgeoning range of new services is the most revolutionary application of communications.
  • Would have thought the new media would have undermined the old media much more than

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