Project Timeline 2005–2010

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Including all the Advisory group and Steering group meetings over the duration of the OTB project.

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My summary notes from meeting with Ian Davis (December 08) re suggestions for progressing Matrix design.
Suggests we redo the elements in the quadrants to make their key parameters tighter. The quadrants should show:

  • Defining influences (drivers)
  • Opportunities and threats that rule consequences
  • Hypothesis
  • Stories

As we have it the opportunities and threats act as a list …(continue reading)

Participant: Michael Frankel (MF)
Organisation: Frankel Lawyers
OTB team: Annmarie Chandler, Philip Bell

  • Discussed the revisions to the dossier
  • MF suggests a session with Screen Australia would be useful. Suggests Megan McMurchy and he will identify a younger producer too as thinks it would be good to get fresh insights.
  • Discuss Matrix MF comments on an “interactive” he and

…(continue reading)

Participant: Lesley Osborne  (LO)
Organisation: ACMA
OTB team: Annmarie Chandler, Ben Goldsmith, and Ross Gibson

  • Discussed the revisions to the dossier with Lesley
  • Discuss reponses from OZCO workshop
  • LO suggests the driver “governance” is a “dependent variable” to all the others
    (advocates the approach to governance needs to be ‘what’s needed for the situation’, rather than imposed from above.

…(continue reading)


Present: Ben Goldsmith, Annmarie Chandler, Ross Gibson, Hugh Pattinson, Philip Bell.

Dossier and Workshops

The dossier is revised and ready. Annmarie will start to schedule the pilot workshops with industry.
Andy has agreed to write an executive letter that will accompany the distribution of the dossiers.

CPRF Conference

A proposal for a panel session has bee lodged (see proposal …(continue reading)


Present: Hugh Patinson, Philip Bell, Carolyn McKay, Annmarie Chandler, Ben Goldsmith (via Skype), Ross Gibson

Revisions to Dossier

Philip reported on the revisions to the dossier and fixes to the drivers.
He has revised the “where we are now” sections. He will start to remove redundant material.
Agreed to revise the appendix to include the interview compilations and the …(continue reading)


Present: Hugh Pattinson, Philip Bell, Carolyn McKay, Annmarie Chandler, Ben Goldsmith (via Skype),
Apologies: Ross Gibson
Next meeting: 10.00am this Friday 17th April at the Sydney College of the Arts.

Revisions to Dossier (Philip and Carolyn)

Carolyn has repaginated the dossier.
Carolyn and Philip will meet next Wednesday the 15th to continue the work.
We read through the work Philip …(continue reading)


Present: Ross Gibson, Philip Bell, Carolyn McKay, Annmarie Chandler, Ben Goldsmith (via Skype),
Apologies: Hugh Pattinson

Revisions to Matrix

Each member of the group discussed their revisions to the drivers.
It was noted in the discussion that Hugh was currently unavailable for this discussion of the technology driver and we would still need to do this with him.
The …(continue reading)

Present: Ross Gibson, Andy Lloyd James, Philip Bell, Hugh Pattinson, Carolyn McKay, Annmarie Chandler, Ben Goldsmith (via shaky Skype)

Revisions to Matrix

There was general agreement with the thrust to the revisions to the Matrix so far.
This will proceed with a review of the quadrants and matrices for the 6 key drivers, as well as the overview matrix.

    …(continue reading)

    Present: Carolyn McKay, Ross Gibson, Hugh Pattinson, Ben Goldsmith (via Skype), Philip Bell, Andy Lloyd James, Annmarie Chandler


    Ross reported that the budget is in good shape but is still bound up in slow motion by respective research offices, and has not been transferred from UTS.

    ARC Report

    Ross reported that the most significant reporting season for the OTB …(continue reading)

    Forum Running Order

    • Ross to chair.
    • Malcolm Smith (Foxtel) will also be in attendance as a participant.
    • First, set up ground rules as a focusing technique. Participants to be asked, first up, for straightforward response as to whether the Matrix approach worked for them. Is what’s in the document making sense and useful or not? Thus we

    …(continue reading)