Project Timeline 2005–2010

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Stories Composed by OTB Participants

Stories were generated by OTB participants using a few different methods. One batch was generated using the matrix framework and its four imagined worlds that form its quadrants. Another batch, the ‘Day in Life’ stories, are less matrix-governed and more ‘morphological’.

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This version of the Outside the Box Dossier was prepared in October 2009, and contains an overview of the matrix and drivers as tools for driving the research process, and two appendices (both of which are featured on this site)  – a collection of “A day in the life of … 2018″ stories, and a compilation of interview summaries organised …(continue reading)

Forum held Thursday, 27 November 2008 at SCA, Sydney University, Callan Park.


  • Lesley Osborne, ACMA (LO)
  • Christian Bernecker (CB)
  • David Court (DC)
  • Michael Frankel MF)
  • Ian Gardiner (IG)
  • Malcolm Smith (MS)
  • Beth Fair (BF)
  • Rafael Pustkowski (RP)
  • Tania Chambers, NSWFTO (TC)
  • Guy Gadney, PBL Digital (GG)
  • Ross Gibson, Research Leader (UTS)(CI)(RG)
  • Philip Bell,  Research Leader (UNSW (CI)(PB)
  • Andy Lloyd James,  Partner

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The key intrigue or jeopardy that drives your story is as follows:

You are 45 minutes away from the preferred time of your evening meal.  There are still a range of tasks that you need to dispatch in order for the media flow (whatever constitutes it) works effectively during the time when you’ll be eating and, later, sleeping.  Can you

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In the first decade of the 2000’s, when the US lost the confidence of the world as security, military and economic leader…everything changed. This was the end of almost ninety years of certainty: four or five generations of humankind had grown up believing in the US as a kind of global backstop. Around the world, nations were compelled to start …(continue reading)

1) Very early:
I’m up at 4 this morning because of the time difference with Hawaii where Simon Twean is. We don’t need him on camera till 5, but before I go down to the spare room to be on set I need to spend a bit of time having some coffee and going over questions I want to use …(continue reading)

6.00am – Alarm Clock – Wake up
Free-to-Air Radio Broadcast, using terrestrial or other digital distribution media. Listen to News – 10 mins on Radio National. One assumes / hopes there will still be a vibrant form of government funded public broadcasting. Who knows?
6.10am – Check tides, wind and weather
Click on favourites button – tides and weather – …(continue reading)

The Carer – Wednesday April 18th 2018
You’ve asked me to diary my day for your media research project. I hope this is useful to you.
I’m retired, in my 50’s, and for the past 12 months have been living with my mother who is in her early 80’s. I am also my mother’s carer. Although I’m with mum most …(continue reading)


  • There are no wires
  • There is no: tv, computer, mobile phone, wallet or key. All these items have been combined into an item called the “Device”. Some people have the latest model Device and those less fortunate have last years model Device.


  • It is still all Microsoft
  • It still crashes

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Television in 2018. The Labour Government recognized the threat to Australian culture and creativity was not simply about teaching kids at school, about the arts but ensuring they had access to seeing, experiencing and at some time in the future creating their own content. It was big picture and bold- after years of waiting for the market to deliver and …(continue reading)

It’s a cool almost chilly cloudy morning in April 2018 and a bit of a clumsy start to the day. The dog has set off the light sensors triggering the coffee machine and the heating hasn’t managed to update after the end of daylight saving. James is running late for school, and the bus has already begun its journey. His …(continue reading)