Project Timeline 2005–2010

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“General” is the parent category which includes the tagged sections Consumers, Conversation, Interviews, Scenario Planning as a discipline, Stories composed by OTB participants and Theories and modes of narrative.

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A PDF presentation of an earlier website created for the OTB project.
November 09 OTB Website Presentation (Download PDF)

This version of the Outside the Box Dossier was prepared in October 2009, and contains an overview of the matrix and drivers as tools for driving the research process, and two appendices (both of which are featured on this site)  – a collection of “A day in the life of … 2018″ stories, and a compilation of interview summaries organised …(continue reading)

Participant: Michael Frankel (MF)
Organisation: Frankel Lawyers
OTB team: Annmarie Chandler, Philip Bell

  • Discussed the revisions to the dossier
  • MF suggests a session with Screen Australia would be useful. Suggests Megan McMurchy and he will identify a younger producer too as thinks it would be good to get fresh insights.
  • Discuss Matrix MF comments on an “interactive” he and

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Participant: Lesley Osborne  (LO)
Organisation: ACMA
OTB team: Annmarie Chandler, Ben Goldsmith, and Ross Gibson

  • Discussed the revisions to the dossier with Lesley
  • Discuss reponses from OZCO workshop
  • LO suggests the driver “governance” is a “dependent variable” to all the others
    (advocates the approach to governance needs to be ‘what’s needed for the situation’, rather than imposed from above.

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  • Andy Donovan, Director, Inter-Arts   (AD)
  • Libby Christie, Executive Director, Arts Funding (LC)
  • Nick Herd, Director, Research and Strategic Analysis (NH)
  • Jackie Bailey, Research Analyst  (JB)
  • Annmarie Chandler, OTB Facilitator (AC)
  • Ross Gibson, OTB Facilitator (RG)

Focusing Question

Where are the Arts in the Future of Australian Television?

Draft Agenda for the workshop

  • 9.30am – Introduction

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A brief report summarising activities since the forum at the end of 2008 before I head off for a year in Italy (at least that’s the plan!)   I will still be working on the project but the main activities will continue in my absence thanks to the efforts of the main team.
We have sought and received feedback from …(continue reading)

Present: Ross Gibson, Andy Lloyd James, Philip Bell, Hugh Pattinson, Carolyn McKay, Annmarie Chandler, Ben Goldsmith (via shaky Skype)

Revisions to Matrix

There was general agreement with the thrust to the revisions to the Matrix so far.
This will proceed with a review of the quadrants and matrices for the 6 key drivers, as well as the overview matrix.

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    Forum held Thursday, 27 November 2008 at SCA, Sydney University, Callan Park.


    • Lesley Osborne, ACMA (LO)
    • Christian Bernecker (CB)
    • David Court (DC)
    • Michael Frankel MF)
    • Ian Gardiner (IG)
    • Malcolm Smith (MS)
    • Beth Fair (BF)
    • Rafael Pustkowski (RP)
    • Tania Chambers, NSWFTO (TC)
    • Guy Gadney, PBL Digital (GG)
    • Ross Gibson, Research Leader (UTS)(CI)(RG)
    • Philip Bell,  Research Leader (UNSW (CI)(PB)
    • Andy Lloyd James,  Partner

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    The key intrigue or jeopardy that drives your story is as follows:

    You are 45 minutes away from the preferred time of your evening meal.  There are still a range of tasks that you need to dispatch in order for the media flow (whatever constitutes it) works effectively during the time when you’ll be eating and, later, sleeping.  Can you

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    In the first decade of the 2000’s, when the US lost the confidence of the world as security, military and economic leader…everything changed. This was the end of almost ninety years of certainty: four or five generations of humankind had grown up believing in the US as a kind of global backstop. Around the world, nations were compelled to start …(continue reading)