Project Timeline 2005–2010

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Controlled Content

‘Controlled Content’, at its extreme axis, refers to an imagined future where regulation and control over the production and distribution of A-V content is total. In practice this extreme axis is only possible (arguably) in totalitarian contexts, and so materials tagged here sit somewhere along the ‘controlled’ side of the spectrum of content control.

Title & Details


Open Access / Controlled Content

“The cork in the bottle”

  • Tight regulatory framework surrounding local content provision, censorship and viewing standards
  • open spectrum but highly specified services on each “channel”.  Digital and analogue spectrum opened up, but for tightly specified purposes (cf. datacasting debacle).
  • Final abolition of the old system of 3-channel FTA , STV+ community channels

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The first

Axis 1 open/closed content access. Open access is a world in which content is easily (though not always freely) available from all sources and may be viewed, copied, and re-deployed.   There is net neutrality and no walled gardens or protected spaces/regimes. The relationship is two-way meaning that the content supplier in return gains considerable insights into the content …(continue reading)