Project Timeline 2005–2010

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Closed Access

We have conceptualised a continuum from OPEN access, to CLOSED access, not because any system could be completely open or restricted (except perhaps in totalitarian contexts) but to alert us to extreme alternatives.

Title & Details


Open Access / Controlled Content

“The cork in the bottle”

  • Tight regulatory framework surrounding local content provision, censorship and viewing standards
  • open spectrum but highly specified services on each “channel”.  Digital and analogue spectrum opened up, but for tightly specified purposes (cf. datacasting debacle).
  • Final abolition of the old system of 3-channel FTA , STV+ community channels

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The first

Axis 1 open/closed content access. Open access is a world in which content is easily (though not always freely) available from all sources and may be viewed, copied, and re-deployed.   There is net neutrality and no walled gardens or protected spaces/regimes. The relationship is two-way meaning that the content supplier in return gains considerable insights into the content …(continue reading)