Project Timeline 2005–2010

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About OTB

Outside The Box is an Australian Research Council funded project looking at the future of Australian television. The focusing question is: What will Australian television and the society served by it look like in 2018? Using the discipline of scenario-planning the research team engaged members of the industry in interviews and the creation of hypothetical stories of an average day in 2018. This website archive brings together all the data produced from the project and organises it in a chronological map that is also tagged thematically. This organisational principle allows you to be able to browse the development of the project over time and/or focus in on specific themes which may of interest to you.

The environment surrounding ‘Television’ is in a state of accelerated change, most obviously in its mode of distribution and consumption. Recognising this, OTB uses the term ‘Television’ to refer to whatever becomes the ‘nationally specific means of distributed, digital audio-visual infotainment’ during the decade. We don’t prejudge the degree to which this will be recognisably like today’s system, nor whether it will be used as it is currently. We might call this the AV mediascape, or digitally converged AV. However, technological convergence may be compatible with divergence of use, so we prefer the neutral definition above.

Notes on the Archive

Use of Colour

The archive is focused on the main research period of the project, 2005 through to 2009. Individual pages of material that falls within this timeframe are colour-coded using a spectrum ranging from blue in 2005, through green, yellow and orange in 2006, 2007, and 2008, finishing on red and purple in 2009.

When moving between material, a gradual shift in colour indicates a close chronological grouping of content, whereas a noticeable jump from one colour to the next indicates a considerable time-gap between one piece of content and the next.

Material that falls outside this main project period uses a grey colour scheme (like the one used on this page). Contextual material and further reading dating back to 1994 is also hosted here as well.

Categories, Years, and Contributors

As well as using the timeline to browse the archive’s content, it is also possible to browse by category, date, and contributor.

Clicking a category name on any page display a list of all content in that category, and the timeline can also be filtered by category. Likewise, clicking on the year or month of any piece of content will display a list of all content produced that year or month, and clicking on a contributor’s name will show all material listed as contributed by that person.

A search function is also available at the top and bottom of every page.

Large-format Visual Material

Some diagrams (like this 2004–2010 timeline of the project, shown below) are too detailed to properly read when scaled down. In these cases, clicking on the diagram thumbnail will load a larger, draggable version of the image.

Further Reading

Outside the Box Television 2018‘ is a hosted blog which was maintained by researchers Annmarie Chandler, Ben Goldsmith, Hugh Pattinson and Andy Lloyd-James alongside the research project from January 2008 to late 2009. It can be viewed as a companion text to this site. The blog followed relevant media developments, such as technology development and convergence, results of surveys on media use, academic papers on media developments, and so on.

More contextual material is also hosted on this site, in the Support Material category.


We welcome your questions or comments on the project. OTB researchers may be contacted by email at this address: email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Project Credits

The research team is Ross Gibson, Andy Lloyd-James, Hugh Pattinson, Annmarie Chandler, Ben Goldsmith and Phillip Bell.

This website was designed and built by Pat Armstrong & Nick Keys.