Project Timeline 2005–2010

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This version of the Outside the Box Dossier was prepared in October 2009, and contains an overview of the matrix and drivers as tools for driving the research process, and two appendices (both of which are featured on this site)  – a collection of “A day in the life of … 2018″ stories, and a compilation of interview summaries organised by driver.

The introduction to the Dossier is included below.


The FOCUSSING QUESTION for the Outside the Box project is:

“What will Australian television and the society served by it look like in 2018?”

With the cooperation of its diverse industry partners, the research team has produced several inter-related resources to help participants to think about this question.

This dossier sets out these resources and invites you to incorporate them into your respective strategic, future-oriented conversations and plans. They are meant to be used to generate ideas and possibilities, not to be seen as predictions about TV’s most likely future.

You are not expected to find all the resources equally valuable or productive of scenarios, ‘hypotheticals’, or, maybe, specific plans suited to your interests. But addressing some of the matrices, thinking about what might drive change (or restrict change), creating some contrasting but illuminating ‘stories’, should provoke you to think outside the box about how Australian Audiovisual distributed content (dare we call this ‘television’) might look in the future.

Ideally, this will entail thinking about what roles your corporation might play in the converging/diverging digital futures that are promised or threatened during the next decade.

We have developed things to think with and to think about. We want you to tell stories about TV and your possible roles in it – to generate outcomes that, however (im)plausible, make you see that you already understand more than you thought about the optional futures of TV once it moves ‘outside the box’.

We label our principal resource the matrix. The matrix produces four distinct but alternate worldviews of the future. To understand how the matrix might work for you, we first define those forces that you have said are likely to transform and shape the sector over the next decade. We call these forces “drivers”.

The scenarios we’ve produced with these drivers outline each of the four worlds of the matrix (one quadrant). They create a proposition for how that world may work (see pages 10-12). They highlight some of what we see as major ‘issues and provocations.’ It is these scenarios that inform and provoke the diverse stories we have written to illustrate the process.


OTB Dossier (Download PDF).