Project Timeline 2005–2010

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Aug. 2009

All project content from Outside the Box dated August, 2009.

Title & Details


Participant: Michael Frankel (MF)
Organisation: Frankel Lawyers
OTB team: Annmarie Chandler, Philip Bell

  • Discussed the revisions to the dossier
  • MF suggests a session with Screen Australia would be useful. Suggests Megan McMurchy and he will identify a younger producer too as thinks it would be good to get fresh insights.
  • Discuss Matrix MF comments on an “interactive” he and

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Participant: Lesley Osborne  (LO)
Organisation: ACMA
OTB team: Annmarie Chandler, Ben Goldsmith, and Ross Gibson

  • Discussed the revisions to the dossier with Lesley
  • Discuss reponses from OZCO workshop
  • LO suggests the driver “governance” is a “dependent variable” to all the others
    (advocates the approach to governance needs to be ‘what’s needed for the situation’, rather than imposed from above.

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