Project Timeline 2005–2010

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Advisory Group Meeting #17

Categories: Advisory Group, Meetings
Date: 8 July 2009
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Present: Ben Goldsmith, Annmarie Chandler, Ross Gibson, Hugh Pattinson, Philip Bell.

Dossier and Workshops

The dossier is revised and ready. Annmarie will start to schedule the pilot workshops with industry.

Andy has agreed to write an executive letter that will accompany the distribution of the dossiers.

CPRF Conference

A proposal for a panel session has bee lodged (see proposal attached)


After an extensive discussion it was recommended that two publications arise from the project. It was agreed that Ben has supplied an excellent publishing proposal.

The first book would act as an “object” for the second one. At this stage the thinking is it would comprise the Interviews, Day in the Life Stories and the Scenario stories, with “bridges” and “handles” written to contextualise the three different discursive approaches for thinking outside the box and “shaking up” what is “shaping the future of television”.

The second book will focus more on theorising scenario planning and narrative, and what the OTB project has to say about it.

Ben will direct the first book and Ross will direct the second book.

International Linkage Proposal

Ben gave an extensive report on his trip and discussions re contacts and proposals for an international linkage project that might explore international television markets and the futures for co-production in 2015.

Ben has since emailed the OTB group to ascertain individuals’ interest in this project.