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‘TV facing its own strict diet’ (Sydney Morning Herald)

Categories: Further Reading & Research, Support Material
Date: 2 May 2009

A column by the Sydney Morning Herald‘s TV writer, Michael Idato, in which he interviews Australian television industry figures on their views on the future of television.

From the article:

Doomsayers would tell you that television, waging a war for eyeballs with the internet, DVD, pay TV and illegal downloads, has reached a parlous turning point. Add diminishing revenue, and the foundation stones on which its once-unchallenged, cathode-ray powered empire was built surely begin to tremble and crack. But it isn’t over until the fat lady sings, and free-to-air television, despite the challenges that lie ahead, isn’t flabby enough to hit the low notes yet.

Unlike the tectonic shifts of the past, such as the arrival of the videocassette recorder, DVD and the introduction of pay television, free-to-air is now fighting on three fronts – the fragmentation of its audience to new, nice channels (on free and pay), the rise of internet video and its shift into full-length television programming and the shift from scheduled programming to video “on demand”.

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