Project Timeline 2005–2010

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Present: Hugh Pattinson, Philip Bell, Carolyn McKay, Annmarie Chandler, Ben Goldsmith (via Skype),

Apologies: Ross Gibson

Next meeting: 10.00am this Friday 17th April at the Sydney College of the Arts.

Revisions to Dossier (Philip and Carolyn)

Carolyn has repaginated the dossier.

Carolyn and Philip will meet next Wednesday the 15th to continue the work.

We read through the work Philip has done revising the introduction and agreed the approach was more effective and easy to understand.

Philip will continue with these revisions throughout the dossier and remove our subjective commentary, rumination or value statements.

Agreed to add an appendix for some documents that are currently in the body of the dossier, as well as some extra things. For example, we will add the summaries from the interviews, which really highlight the diverse possibilities from the drivers our participant group explored (some of which have eventuated since the interviews last May). And we will add some of the (day in 2018) stories, to the story mix, to demonstrate the broad range of thinking/narration within the group.

Annmarie will give Philip this material

Ben will give Philip a paragraph on the “selling point” of the matrix approach, which arose in conversation. i.e. that the financial storm and the recent nationalized FTTH initiatives are not such a surprise if one is using our method, as one can anticipate their possibility within the strategic discussion framework posed by the quadrants and drivers (so again its not so much about “getting it right 10 years out” as about providing a process to develop insight into what will “flare” if xyz happens).

Driver Discussion

We discussed Ross’s take on the summaries and provocations for each driver/quadrant and agreed it was working well.

Philip will revise the “people” driver to focus it more about people and demographic responses.

Other Business

Note Carolyn will be away for 3 weeks

Suggest we conduct the pilots as alternating groups, i.e. (A + B), then (B +C) etc. etc. so that we can learn from each encounter with the participants.

Great suggestion from Philip that rather than run a separate industry conference, we integrate with Mark Armstrong’s gig in November and seek a panel session.

We are keen to discuss the book project and Ben will draft something on its scope and potential. Suggest we need Ben in Sydney for a focused meeting about the book.