Project Timeline 2005–2010

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Present: Ross Gibson, Philip Bell, Carolyn McKay, Annmarie Chandler, Ben Goldsmith (via Skype),

Apologies: Hugh Pattinson

Revisions to Matrix

Each member of the group discussed their revisions to the drivers.

It was noted in the discussion that Hugh was currently unavailable for this discussion of the technology driver and we would still need to do this with him.

The discussion was very fruitful and revealed the way the unanticipated financial crisis has precipitated a hastening of some developments that were thought to have a longer period in the pipeline (such as the rapid decline of advertising revenues and its effects on some broadcasting institutions). Ben noted, for example, that ITV in Britain had gone back to being a broadcaster rather than a producer due to the rapid fall in revenues.

We discussed the way the financial crisis has changed the weightings we give to many variable in the quadrants, such as the value of online archives in a possible production downturn and the funding and taxation models for maintaining popular fare such as sport and porn. Ben also proposed the changing environment might mean a re-evaluation between what we think of as domestic production, Australian content and what we think of as “external” production.

Ben also raised the point that the proposed filtering regime for ISPs may become an issue for any IPTV content models.

Ross commented that our conversation about these issues was exactly what scenario planning was meant to foster strategically and was not so much about “getting it right 10 years out” as it was about giving us a process to develop insight into what will “flare” if xyz happens.

It was discussed and agreed that such strategic conversations would require some facilitation on our part with each of the participants, rather than just giving them the revised Matrix to work from, in order to produce stories from them and provide confidence for using it within their organizations.

Actions: Priorities

Ross and Annmarie will continue working on the driver/quadrant revisions for the revised folder and then schedule “facilitation” meetings with participants.

Philip and Carolyn will work on the rest of the dossier to see how the layout is working and what may need to be changed.

Ross will communicate with Hugh about the development of the new cross-institutional Research centre, hosted by UTS, and the way the project may be positioned there. Ross is the representative for Sydney University.

Future Meetings

No meeting was set for next week due to the tasks outlined above. However the Friday slot is there for anyone in the group to request the larger Advisory group needs to meet, as need be.

(Skype worked really well from Ross’s office surprisingly and was much better for Ben to participate, thus it was decided to host future meetings at the Rozelle campus).

Research Database

Annmarie gave Ross and Carolyn a timeline she’d done of all the projects activities and will pass the PDF version onto other team members.

The timeline was produced on her Mac Bee Docs software and researchers would need a copy of this to take an electronic file of it. Free trails of Bee Docs for Mac and PC are available off the web.

Annmarie also gave Ross and Carolyn a data file she’d compiled of our material, plotted against the time line. If any other researcher would like this, she would be happy to transfer it from disc at a future meeting (too much to email).

Annmarie notes that we still need to draft some protocols on how researchers may be acknowledged with any subsequent publications.