Project Timeline 2005–2010

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A brief report summarising activities since the forum at the end of 2008 before I head off for a year in Italy (at least that’s the plan!)   I will still be working on the project but the main activities will continue in my absence thanks to the efforts of the main team.

We have sought and received feedback from many of you including most of  those who were not able to be present.   It’s been very valuable.   In the past couple of weeks Annmarie, Ben and Hugh have done a lot of work on clarifying and simplifying the matrix.

We should have a completed set of papers for you in about a month and they will make the use of the matrix much simpler and much richer.

Simpler because on the main matrix each quadrant will only have one dotpoint for each of our six influences (people, governance, funding, technology, content, environment)

Richer because we will include a set of six separate matrixes, each one specific to just one influence.   So if you only want to think about, eg, “People”…there will be a specific matrix just for “People”.

So both writing stories and crosschecking stories with the matrix will be easy and intuitive.

We all hope that this may encourage you to have a crack at writing a story for us!

When the papers are ready Annmarie will fix a time to meet each of you and talk them through with you.

OTB Outcomes

The first outcome has been the formation of a remarkable group of industry participants, associated forums and feedback, and the development of a common language to look into the future of digital media.   It’s our hope that a good proportion of the participants will use the knowledge gained to try and get some truly sharp thinking into the development of good policy for Australia.

The second Outcome has been the delivery of draft matrices as the core tools for thinking about the future.   The final versions to be delivered in a month or so along with all the appropriate documentation, including the OTB blog site and the OTB website.

The third Outcome, provided that the final matrices are successful and acceptable, is that two of our Participants have indicated, in principle, an interest in trialling them within their own organisations on a real project.  Their feedback on that process will provide an invaluable and practical conclusion to the whole project.

The fourth is our plans for publication of  a textbook for media students so that they can begin their own future planning

Finally, over the next few months the Team will finals plans for a major Conference on the project.   The conference will combine both Academic and Media Industry participants.

So, our thanks to each of you for remaining part of the project.  We hope to keep feeding you material and garnering your feedback for a long time to come, both formally and informally.   To that end we’d welcome your views on what would be most useful to you.   The blog site will remain active and, as its focussed on each of our main influences, you can feed in or simple read new material on a regular basis. If we can get it to work well, the website will be the home for all the documentation and research that has supported the project.

Best wishes on behalf  of the whole team,