Project Timeline 2005–2010

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Present: Ross Gibson, Andy Lloyd James, Philip Bell, Hugh Pattinson, Carolyn McKay, Annmarie Chandler, Ben Goldsmith (via shaky Skype)

Revisions to Matrix

There was general agreement with the thrust to the revisions to the Matrix so far.

This will proceed with a review of the quadrants and matrices for the 6 key drivers, as well as the overview matrix.

To be completed by the meeting on Friday 20th February, for group discussion.

The aim is to,

Material that is already in the dossier should be useful (for example Andy’s section on “Explanatory Narrative for Each Quadrant”). Philip suggested that the one for “technology” has probably got the right look in terms of amount of  text on the page.


Carolyn will page number the current dossier the easiest way possible for researcher use, and do copies for the team.


We’ve decided to pilot the revisions to the matrix to 3 participants, Tania Chambers (NSWFTO), Ian Davis (Telstra) and Bethwyn Serrow (SPAA).

Conference & Book

We discussed the need to be clear about our goals and what we want to achieve with a conference and book. i.e. what sort of a conference? And what sort of a book?

We need to set aside time at further meetings to deliberate these things.

We would need an accurate summary of the budget remaining in order to scope activities across these two proposed deliverables.


It was agreed to set aside Friday mornings for research meetings. It may not be necessary to meet every Friday but having a slot set aside makes it easier to bring the team together.

Next meeting Friday 20th. February 10.00am