Project Timeline 2005–2010

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Present: Carolyn McKay, Ross Gibson, Hugh Pattinson, Ben Goldsmith (via Skype), Philip Bell, Andy Lloyd James, Annmarie Chandler


Ross reported that the budget is in good shape but is still bound up in slow motion by respective research offices, and has not been transferred from UTS.

ARC Report

Ross reported that the most significant reporting season for the OTB project is midyear, however he can confidently do an end of year report to meet ARC seasonal reporting requirements.

Research Material

Annmarie reported she is sorting through this to hand it over to Ross for a content audit.

Partners Report from Forum

Andy will work on this and hopes to have it completed by the time he goes away on 24th February.

A presentation was discussed for AFTRS, for the first half of the year,

Revisions to Matrix

Ian Davidson’s feedback was discussed and it was agreed to revise the Matrix and dossier documents along the lines of his thinking.

Andy feels the key point is taking out the threats and opportunities as the core focus, and putting in the key forces and influences as key points for each quadrant.

Hugh, Annmarie and Ben will meet on Friday the 6th of February to have a go at drafting a revision. This will be brought to the team for discussion on Wednesday 11th. February.

We will proof the dossier again for any other changes before it is reprinted. Revisions need to go to Carolyn.

Participant’s Stories

No one has forwarded his or her second story yet. We discussed the value to the research and industry of receiving these stories. We discussed that it may be more useful to obtain these through one to one follow up sessions (such as we had with Ian and SPAA) so that participants can be engaged in a more intimate understanding of the matrix, Annmarie agreed to do this and do the follow through to obtain the stories. We discussed a possible industry presence also to replace Andy and will talk about this again on the 11th. Feb.

We also discussed our original objective to make a space for the stories to be an ongoing outcome from the Matrix.


The idea of a book with AFTRS was discussed – requires further discussion on the intentions of the text (workshop manual or stand alone text), and the potential readership market and publishing options.

Industry Conference

A very preliminary discussion. It was suggested that such a conference would also invite people from industry and org like SBS who are examining their own futures. Possible speaker is also Trevor Barr. All the participants should also be invited,