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All project content from Outside the Box dated 2009.

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From the document’s preface:

This volume is a collection of the papers delivered at the Communications Policy and Research Forum on 19–20 November 2009.

Record of the Communications Policy & Research Forum 2009 (External Link – PDF)

A PDF presentation of an earlier website created for the OTB project.
November 09 OTB Website Presentation (Download PDF)

My summary notes from meeting with Ian Davis (December 08) re suggestions for progressing Matrix design.
Suggests we redo the elements in the quadrants to make their key parameters tighter. The quadrants should show:

  • Defining influences (drivers)
  • Opportunities and threats that rule consequences
  • Hypothesis
  • Stories

As we have it the opportunities and threats act as a list …(continue reading)

This version of the Outside the Box Dossier was prepared in October 2009, and contains an overview of the matrix and drivers as tools for driving the research process, and two appendices (both of which are featured on this site)  – a collection of “A day in the life of … 2018″ stories, and a compilation of interview summaries organised …(continue reading)

Participant: Michael Frankel (MF)
Organisation: Frankel Lawyers
OTB team: Annmarie Chandler, Philip Bell

  • Discussed the revisions to the dossier
  • MF suggests a session with Screen Australia would be useful. Suggests Megan McMurchy and he will identify a younger producer too as thinks it would be good to get fresh insights.
  • Discuss Matrix MF comments on an “interactive” he and

…(continue reading)

Participant: Lesley Osborne  (LO)
Organisation: ACMA
OTB team: Annmarie Chandler, Ben Goldsmith, and Ross Gibson

  • Discussed the revisions to the dossier with Lesley
  • Discuss reponses from OZCO workshop
  • LO suggests the driver “governance” is a “dependent variable” to all the others
    (advocates the approach to governance needs to be ‘what’s needed for the situation’, rather than imposed from above.

…(continue reading)

A report produced by the Digital Economy Branch of the Australian Government’s Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy (DBCDE). From the DBCDE’s description of the report:

The Australian Government released the Australia’s Digital Economy: Future Directions paper on 14 July 2009 which outlines:

  • why the digital economy is important for Australia
  • the current state of digital economy engagement in

…(continue reading)


Present: Ben Goldsmith, Annmarie Chandler, Ross Gibson, Hugh Pattinson, Philip Bell.

Dossier and Workshops

The dossier is revised and ready. Annmarie will start to schedule the pilot workshops with industry.
Andy has agreed to write an executive letter that will accompany the distribution of the dossiers.

CPRF Conference

A proposal for a panel session has bee lodged (see proposal …(continue reading)


  • Andy Donovan, Director, Inter-Arts   (AD)
  • Libby Christie, Executive Director, Arts Funding (LC)
  • Nick Herd, Director, Research and Strategic Analysis (NH)
  • Jackie Bailey, Research Analyst  (JB)
  • Annmarie Chandler, OTB Facilitator (AC)
  • Ross Gibson, OTB Facilitator (RG)

Focusing Question

Where are the Arts in the Future of Australian Television?

Draft Agenda for the workshop

  • 9.30am – Introduction

…(continue reading)

A column by the Sydney Morning Herald‘s TV writer, Michael Idato, in which he interviews Australian television industry figures on their views on the future of television.
From the article:

Doomsayers would tell you that television, waging a war for eyeballs with the internet, DVD, pay TV and illegal downloads, has reached a parlous turning point. Add diminishing revenue, and

…(continue reading)