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Advisory Group Meeting #9

Categories: Advisory Group, Meetings
Date: 24 October 2008
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  1. Steering ctee. Meeting pending for 7th Nov
  2. Forum date for 27th Nov. pending on decision about who can/cannot attend
  3. Reviewed and updated the quadrants at the meeting, and AM to retype and distribute by next meeting.
  4. Each of us to provide a paragraph tagging our stories in relation to their quadrant.
  5. Hugh will redesign Raphael’s matrix and Carolyn will do A3 copies for the forum.
  6. Annmarie collecting material for the printed dossier for the forum, and in contact with Carolyn who will arrange for it to go to the printers. Need to lock of material by 21st. November or preferably earlier.
  7. Annmarie in contact with Carolyn about loading summaries of drivers onto the website. If website reveals further technical glitches we will stop this process.