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Advisory Group Meeting #10

Categories: Advisory Group, Meetings
Date: 31 October 2008

1. The revised dossier contents as at 31/10/08

This is what I wrote down but please check – am still a bit confused about what documents people are actually referring to when using the words “summary”, “rationales” and “descriptions” for various items.

Here is what I think was meant and who will prepare what (my queries in red).

We decided to use ring leaf folders for the dossier so that participants can update material as need be (Caroline to purchase for number of participants)

Checklist (as itemised at last Friday’s meeting)

Prepared by
1. A map of Callan Park Ross and Caroline
2. Cover note Andy
3. The Matrix as A3 fold out
Needs to show summaries for each quadrant
(Are the summaries the lists of threats and opportunities?) YES
4. A Blank Matrix for participants to scribble on. (Hugh’s blank PP doc?) YES
5. Descriptions of the Axes Andy
(Is this the rationale Andy emailed this week?)NO see my email today
6. Description for each quadrant
(Andy’s 4 descriptions positioning the Australian industry)
7. Summary of each Quadrant
(Is this the same as threats and opportunities?)
? YES but laid out as pages not directly onto the matrix
8. Consumer Overlay, plus commentary by Andy Andy
9. Tagged Scenarios from researchers (Caroline to collate, reformat and repaginate)

2. Dossier Checks

AM is emailing regular updates of what she’s actually got in the file so people can check its contents. This also means she must be alerted to any changes people make to the WIKI that need to be consistent with what’s in the dossier. We are not using any automatic search and sync tools to keep info in order, so it relies on notification to AM.

Proposed Agenda for Steering Meeting this Friday 7th. November.