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Steering Group Meeting #5

Categories: Meetings, Steering Group
Date: 18 September 2008
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Present:  Lesley Osborne, Ross Gibson, Andy Lloyd James.
Present by phone:  Raphael Pustkowski

Meeting Summary

1. Ross introduced the session with a briefing on the status of the budget.   Although the budget is currently in transition between UTS and Sydney University (the budget follows the Chief Investigator) it is in good shape with no untoward or unexpected expenditures.   Because of the transition there are some debts outstanding but these will be paid in the near future.   There are sufficient funds for the project to remain on course including a third forum and a final Conference as agreed with the partners.

2. The group discussed and approved the proposal not to go ahead with a second matrix but instead to develop a consumer chart to overlay on Matrix 1.   This allows scenario writers/matrix users to view any point on the matrix through the perspective of different kinds of consumers.

3. Ross laid out the  proposed milestones for the completion of the project including, completion of Matrix 1 within the next fortnight;  preparation of scenarios over the following month;  leading to a forum with the participants in late November to gain their feedback on matrix, consumer overlay and scenarios;  conference at some stage in the first third of calendar 2009.

4.Raphael and Lesley asked for a more specific description of the meaning of the two axes in matrix 1, and then a dot point description of the characteristics of each quadrant (emphasising variables between the quadrants).   The Research group to complete this in the next ten days.

5. Raphael described the matrix as a combination of map and compass in which different interests could place their current position and also their desired position.  To that end he asked that we indicate where the Research Group would place “Australia” currently.   He noted that every sector of the audio-visual industry might be differently placed but that a national position would be a useful start-point.  The whole Group felt that this would be a very valuable way of judging the true effectiveness of the matrix.

6. Raphael also asked that we give some thought to the key forces at play in each quadrant.

The meeting began at noon and finished at 1pm.