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Advisory Group Meeting #8

Categories: Advisory Group, Meetings
Date: 17 September 2008

Present: Andy Lloyd James, Ross Gibson, Hugh Pattinson, Annmarie Chandler

Apologies: Ben Goldsmith, Philip Bell.

1. Website

The OTB website is now functioning with revised design for capturing the drivers. It also has a link to the Blog. It is still being hosted by Webling. Researchers are encouraged to log in on their admin access and post. However, the site should not be given to participants until its ownership has been transferred to Ross and Sydney uni.

Ross will arrange with Andy for the transfer to occur in the next couple of weeks.

2. Discussion on way forward and 3rd Forum.

It was decided not to run a forum for further work on the Matrix design. Rather, the group will continue to work on the first Matrix and draft the scenarios from the quadrants. It was decided not to do a second Matrix on participation, but to prepare a consumer/participation overlay with the first Matrix. Andy has sent us his earlier mind map information on “consumers” to assist with this task.

Hugh will design a WIKI by the end of next week to assist us identify information for the Matrix that will intensify each quadrants representation of the core drivers.

N.B Further thoughts on developing the Matrix information was discussed at the research leaders meeting with the partners on Wednesday afternoon (please refer to Andy’s minutes).

The proposed timetable is now;
Complete Matrix 1 in the next fortnight
Prepare scenarios in the following month
Hold forum with participants in late November to gain feedback.

3. Meeting Schedule

The group agreed to meet weekly on Fridays between 11am and 1pm. so the work can get done on time.
Ross and Andy are the quorum and hopefully members of the research team will be there when they can. Everyone can also contribute on the WIKI.

4.Other Business

Ross reported that the budget is nearly clear at Sydney Uni and payment of outstanding invoices will occur soon.

Next Meeting Friday 26th September, 11.00am -1.00pm
(Room to be advised)