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Sep. 2008

All project content from Outside the Box dated September, 2008.

Title & Details


An overview of SUPERSTRUCT, a ‘massively multiplayer forecasting game’ which aims to ‘chronicle the world of 2019 – and imagine how we might solve the problems we’ll face’, developed by Jane Mcgonigal and the Institute for the Future.
SUPERSTRUCT – A Sneak Preview of The Final Threat (External link, IFTF)


Present:  Lesley Osborne, Ross Gibson, Andy Lloyd James.
Present by phone:  Raphael Pustkowski

Meeting Summary

1. Ross introduced the session with a briefing on the status of the budget.   Although the budget is currently in transition between UTS and Sydney University (the budget follows the Chief Investigator) it is in good shape with no untoward or unexpected expenditures.   Because …(continue reading)

Present: Andy Lloyd James, Ross Gibson, Hugh Pattinson, Annmarie Chandler
Apologies: Ben Goldsmith, Philip Bell.
1. Website
The OTB website is now functioning with revised design for capturing the drivers. It also has a link to the Blog. It is still being hosted by Webling. Researchers are encouraged to log in on their admin access and post. However, the site …(continue reading)

Open Access / Controlled Content

“The cork in the bottle”

  • Tight regulatory framework surrounding local content provision, censorship and viewing standards
  • open spectrum but highly specified services on each “channel”.  Digital and analogue spectrum opened up, but for tightly specified purposes (cf. datacasting debacle).
  • Final abolition of the old system of 3-channel FTA , STV+ community channels

…(continue reading)