Project Timeline 2005–2010

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Aug. 2008

All project content from Outside the Box dated August, 2008.

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High Access / Low Participation

  • The broadcasting model has been sustained; networks either provide low opportunities for engagement, or the audience does not participate
  • Inertia of transition – slow take-up when services available
  • Overwhelming number of content aggregators makes choice too hard
  • State mandates availability of services but audiences prefer other pursuits
  • Lean-back comeback: the live event (protected by

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Compiled according to the major drivers; people, content, funding, governance, technology. Notes for each individual interviewee are also available.
(Numbers in brackets denote a respondent)

Surprises over the last 10 years

First, a brief history of previous occasions in which the Film and TV industry has proclaimed the imminent end of the world, as we know it!

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