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Matrix Homework

Categories: Advisory Group, Meetings
Date: 23 July 2008

Dear Ross, Philip, Hugh and Ben,

I’ve just spoken with Andy about the core question we are addressing in doing our Matrix homework for next week’s meeting.

It is: “What will influence the look of Television in 2018?”

In relation to rating the matrix topics as Andy suggested, I propose we use a rating of (1-5) to indicate the importance/significance to us of any topic we put on our matrix. This will assist us in discussion about the similarities and differences that arise between ourselves in plotting core certainties and uncertainties.

I’ve also attached summaries from 2 interviews from the younger gen. Andy already has them. You may find them useful in doing your matrix preparation for next week’s meeting. Everyone has already been emailed the compilation for the stories (A day in 2018), and the compilation of the interview summaries from industry (they are also posted on the project’s Google Docs files, to which you received an invitation for access, if you wished to find and download docs from this repository).

All the best,