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Drafting The Matrix: before we meet next week

Categories: Conversation, General, The Matrix
Date: 20 July 2008

The Matrix / Quadrants

Before we meet next week, I’d be really grateful if you would give some thought to the illustration below. It’s a means of focusing our thinking from the interview-summary and the stories which you have read.

Our task next week is to try and outline one or more matrix for the final scenarios. The axes need to be what, after all our reading, we consider to be the key to the absolutely greatest uncertainties and they should be capable of incorporating as much of our broader thinking as possible.

If you take the matrix below as a model, the idea is that before next Thursday, you fill in what you believe to be the most important and most uncertain issues expressed by the participants: they go in the lower right vector. The upper right will hold what is most certain and most important. The upper left the most certain but of lower importance. The lower left the least certain and least important. It’s best if you do two, one based on the summary and stories and the second on your own personal feelings.
We’ll then each bring them to the meeting and look for SYNTHESIS of the views.

I might, for example include Australian content production in the bottom right…or increased consumer-generation in the top right. Each vector can contain as many issues as you wish. It is simply a means of doing an effective sort of the material we have garnered.
It’s not as hard as it may sound because Annmarie’s summary has done so much of the work for us. And the stories are not hard to distill into key points.

It would be great if you could have had a go at this and emailed your views out by the evening of Wednesday 23rd so that we can all arrive prepared for action!