Project Timeline 2005–2010

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Certain Important (In the pipeline)

Shift to multi-centred social sphere and multi-centred media production and reception environments.


Disruption to traditional viewing/consumption habits that sustained the power and “value chains” of dominant av services providers.
Diminishing value to shareholders, advertisers and public of some traditional mass publishing and FTA services.
Continuity of interest in specific broadcast/cable content.
Emergence of computational and “search” functions as a viewing standard.
Gestating context/desires for free media formats (versus proprietary systems).
Climate change

Uncertain Important (wildcards)

Restructuring of Australian publishing and broadcasting entities


Loss of Australian production income from local broadcast presales. Transformation of Production companies. Transformation of the “assisted” production sector in Australia.
Maintenance of national public media services  “to keep us all on the same page”.
Maintenance of environments for the production and distribution of quality Australian av services for specific market sectors (i.e. children, documentary, health, archival, cultural, community and education etc.)
Advertising and its identity and sustainability in the new production “value chains”
The impact of environmental policies on transport, travel and communication technologies and systems (i.e. telepresence in your lounge room?)
The impact of environmental discourse on cultural identity, social values and media ethics.
Civil liberties and censorship regimes for av media.
Shifts in the power base of the global economy and its effects on media hegemonies.
Bandwidth for new services, and provider for mainstream IPTV.
Equal access to new telecommunications and service environments

Certain Low Importance (Trends)

Changes and adaptations for intellectual property regimes

Uncertain Low Importance