Project Timeline 2005–2010

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The first

Axis 1 open/closed content access. Open access is a world in which content is easily (though not always freely) available from all sources and may be viewed, copied, and re-deployed.   There is net neutrality and no walled gardens or protected spaces/regimes. The relationship is two-way meaning that the content supplier in return gains considerable insights into the content receiver. Closed access is the reverse.

Axis 2 is controlled or uncontrolled content. Controlled content is content that is mandated or “captured” in some form, by censorship, by regulation, by direct funding, by Government intervention, by Intellectual Property laws and protocols etc. It may be mandated to form a market (as in Australian content in the analog world) or to resolve potential market failure (as in Public Service Broadcasting). It is akin to much of the content in the analog film and television worlds and is content that is most often covered by Intellectual Property regimes. Uncontrolled content is the reverse.

The second

Axis 1 open/closed access is the same as the above.
Axis 2 is Mass Monomedium (traditional analog television) to multi-, micro-, mobile media.