Project Timeline 2005–2010

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Jun. 2008

All project content from Outside the Box dated June, 2008.

Title & Details



  • Slowness of broadband speeds
  • Lack (of television channels) in rural Australia
  • Lack of national curriculum, consequent loss of opportunity to teach using Australian digital content
  • Nomophobia – importance of mobile phone, devastating feeling of being cut off from the world or news of family
  • Degrees of User Generated Content and ease of accessibility – ‘almost everything I can

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This is how it started …
In October 2006, Caroline Christov-Barkargiev suggested to me an idea for a seemingly minimal piece that kept gathering little nuances as we discussed it. I went away and thought about it and sent this email to CCB.
The first thing I like about the word ‘conversation’ is that it has ‘verso’ …(continue reading)