Project Timeline 2005–2010

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Where the $$ flow:
Different funding structures?
Advertisers as producers:

The future:


This is a very brief summary of a long conversation in which Jen.W. offers many insights into consumer activity. It’s why we need to fix a time at which Jen can come and talk to us in details about tribes, communities and how to reach them.

Because we are going to do that, I’ve noted in greater detail her comments about the ways in which advertising and marketing will be influenced by the changes in consumer activity and technological potentials. I’ve done so because they lie at the heart of future funding of content. Taken together with Hugh Mackay’s and Michael Frankel’s insights, they give us some invaluable content for the building blocks of our scenarios. They throw into a clear light the future role of the Producer as a real dynamic in the communications process, both creatively and financially empowered, and possibly as a key player in new corporate structures.