Project Timeline 2005–2010

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The day starts at 6am as I swing the pivotal monitor in front of me after having made myself a cup of tea – Twinnings English breakfast of course. There is one WASP constant in my life -  and its tea. My mum used to say that coffee was a drug which raised the heart rate, made people a bit hyper – and was the cause of many wars throughout the world…..which are still going on as I watch BBC worldwide, in the corner of the monitor, while collecting my emails.

So back to bed and to my mid size monitor – I get rid of about half my emails – the junk first and then the trade gossip. I think the junk landed in my Samsung mobile widescreen thanks to film trailers I was sent by ambitious but rather seedy Producers… The providers still have not invented a filter for all the Viagra crap that manages to land in my inbox. But I do love my Samsung mobile widescreen, which has it all – tv, phone, web and etc.

After having deleted the junk and crap it’s down to a half hour of email correspondence and before long it’s 7 and time for a walk/jog. Being winter I’ll chicken out of having a surf.

Back home, showered it’s time for my muesli and another tea. I’m feeling on top of the world these days after having given up the boozy lunches with those old ‘heritage’ media broadcasting types that are still living in the last century. Looking at them today it certainly was a half century of self-abuse.

Life’s a little more upbeat these days as we move towards the end of the second decade after having enjoyed 12 years of the socialists in power – A government that has restored my faith in public broadcasting. Thank god they had the initiative to give the ABC some money a few years back to set up a further three channels including a kids channel.

But now for the rest of the day. I think I’ve tried to become a little more media savvy as I approach my sixties. I now only have to go to the office three days a week the other two are spent at home - the direct link to the office via broadband which includes teleconferencing - makes life a lot easier. I can watch or listen to the news at any old time on my computer… more having to worry about the 7 o’clock news and keeping my appointment for Lateline at 10.30pm. If I’m out and miss my favourite show that’s fine because I know I can access it later at a time convenient to me.

Dear old Auntie ABC has rolled outs its IPTV channels, which offers more personalised viewing. You can now select what interests you in any subject from any country. I’ve ordered a package of programs and subjects from my RSS —the Remote Subscription Service (goodness knows who owns the bloody thing and it does cost….not like those wonderful old days of free to air). The material from the RSS is coming into my home all the time. And dear old Windows vista does that now. We’ve moved across to wireless most of the time. (I still can’t let go of that copper wire). I’m getting used to Wimax space and 4g mobile. Its seriously fast internet on a portable device which has interactive components that I’ll probably never get to use. Talk about fast – 380 kb /sec. It’s bigger than a phone but smaller than a computer. I guess you’d call it a ‘net’ book and its fully integrated into the office from any location – worldwide.
Well I’ve been using the net book a bit today as I have been out of the office, but now I’m home, I’ll settle into the lounge and watch the latest worldwide release of this new Hollywood movie which was released just yesterday and I’d paid to see. Now’s just the perfect time – with my glass of light Italian red. We don’t bother going to the movies much these days (except for a social occasion with friends.