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A Day in 2018: #16

Categories: General, Stories Composed by OTB Participants
Date: 30 April 2008

1) Very early:

I’m up at 4 this morning because of the time difference with Hawaii where Simon Twean is. We don’t need him on camera till 5, but before I go down to the spare room to be on set I need to spend a bit of time having some coffee and going over questions I want to use to guide the discussion. The three others are on Singapore time so I don’t have to worry so much about whether they need to be roused from bed.
Down in the studio I say hi to everyone, make sure the data rates are OK and without much further ado set the 5 camera feeds including mine to start recording onto my system. As expected Simon starts provoking the other panellists a few minutes in and a lively discussion about network neutrality continues for about an hour.

After my goodbyes I set the system to multistream edit mode and spend the next 45mins minutes punching in and out of the 5 streams to create a 30 minute edit. I send it up to the server to go into the feature cue to go live at the top of the front page at midday. I check the site before I go and see the front page now showing a syndicated feed of interviews from the Moscow visual poetry biennale. Not sure if there is going to be much of an audience this side of the world till mid morning, but the tags will stay prominent till late tonight.

2) Still early:

The vocal I did for the new track Shannon & I are doing is in my inbox back from the Pitchlab in Manila with corrections, additions and five harmony possibilities. I drop it back into our larger mix and send it over to Shannon for him to incorporate into his process. The traffic feeds are throwing up a mix of images and reports about fires in both the south city tunnels spreading chaos across the city transport. Seems like I won’t be heading into the city till this afternoon.

3) Mid morning:

I check in on my collaborative film group and upload a fairly random selection of unedited audio and video to the servers for others work with. I then open my email. Before closing it without reading anything. I promptly lose two hours searching for a way to crack the copy protection built into my new iTv so I can run my massive collection of pirate/ripped media on it. Seems some people have modified a version of the firmware, which may when used either usher in a world of media freedom or leave your expensive piece of media furniture an inert chrome box. Later perhaps when I’m feeling braver.

4) Lunchtime:

Driving to work the nav reports traffic snarls and re-routes as I listen to a weeks worth of podcasts on the stereo and the phone chirps incessantly in response to incoming bluespam from passing businesses with video clips for my attention.

5) Afternoon:

My inbox is full of links from students to files they have submitted on the uni server. I batch them across to my home system for tomorrow and update the wiki with an interesting collection of files from around the web that relate to class discussion and student interest.

6) Evening:

At least twice a week I set aside a night for no media input and this is one of those. The media centre slowly silts up with unwatched or listened to media from every era we slip back into slow time, finally offline. For now at least.