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A Day in 2018: #11

Categories: General, Stories Composed by OTB Participants
Date: April 2008

It’s a cool almost chilly cloudy morning in April 2018 and a bit of a clumsy start to the day. The dog has set off the light sensors triggering the coffee machine and the heating hasn’t managed to update after the end of daylight saving. James is running late for school, and the bus has already begun its journey. His Telemonitor is showing it turning into the street four stops before his own. He’ll have to run otherwise Rodney the driver will not wait and I’ll have to send a revised pick up stop. I can always take him myself but I forgot to plug the car into the battery charger and Elliot has already taken the hydrogen-powered vehicle.

Its OK, Rodney, has waited – he’s picked up James’ sensor and seen he is only a few hundred metres from the bus stop. Traffic must be ok for him to be this magnanimous.

I turn on my media unit and elect the kitchen monitor, preferring to leave the others off for the moment. The news, already highly customised to my interests and profession, is cycling through a range of brief headlines. If I say “more” I will get the detailed story – about 30 seconds to a minute. If I say “in depth” I’ll get full commentary and prompted for updates throughout the day. I can get “breaking news” by allowing interruptions, but I’d rather put this on manual and ask for breaking news, when I want it. Weather is the same – I can ask for individual states or cities by simply adding the name to Weather. Example, Weather Sydney, today, tomorrow, etc.

My financial news is all linked to my financial portfolio, so I can get the stock prices, segmented by owned and tracking. Alternatively I can select form a menu including the markets, major movements, indices etc.
I know this world is probably too portable and electronic now but it does make life easier. I’ve had small grommets inserted in my ears to enable audio from all my devices, and only need snap my fingers to turn it off. James and Elliot simply prefer the old wireless earplugs but I constantly lose mine in my handbag!
My ipod can provide portable media, but I can also access any monitor anywhere simply by using my smartcard registration and retinal scan. I’m so glad I don’t need multiple passwords anymore. Mind you I suspect the black market for eyeballs will already be well and truly underway.

TV Ratings are measured by retinal scans, so these days advertisers know how many retinas watched their ads, live or otherwise. If I click “Send” on my remote I can let an advertiser send me information on the ad I am watching (called connected advertising). It’s kept the TV networks in business – it pays them to really target my advertising just for the premium they receive on a connected ad.

I need to do the shopping before I get down to work, so with my barcode scanner, I scan the products already in my pantry that need replenishing, in addition to those accumulated throughout the week and then send to the supermarket. They will deliver or alternatively, I can collect and view additional products. If not the catalog enables me to browse and scan any additional items I’d like to try.

More and more I buy fresh food from the farmer’s market on Saturday’s. Fresh meat, fish and poultry is cryovacked so it is easy to keep things fresh.

Almost all my “telephone” calls are skyped these days, though Telstra and Optus offer very competitive rates to skype, at .02 cents fixed rate per call even to mobiles. Texts are .01 and if I download more than five movies ($2.00 per movie), or 10 music tracks (for $10.00), or on TV shows ($10 per 13 eps) a month I receive an additional 10% discount. Whereis Telemonitoring costs more but I save so much time and we don’t use it constantly.

I work form home so it’s pretty easy to work anywhere but my home office is best of all. I have video conference calls at 11 am and 3pm, the rest is just paperwork.

The day goes by so quickly I can already see James in on the bus heading home. School results are in for the day and once again James has received a Good Behaviour Flag in the playground, good results for his homework and extra homework in Maths.

He’ll spend all his time this afternoon watching The Simpsons in 3D on his telemonitor. Who would have thought all 500 episodes could be watched yet again, this time in full 3D. The new glasses arrived today so I guess he’ll be transfixed for the evening. He has to email his Maths homework by 8am tomorrow so I guess it will be an early morning start.

I spend at least a 2-3 hours online a day – everything from managing accounts, banking and email, which still controls too much of my life, to managing websites! That’s what I do for a living. Web 3.0 is now largely adopted, which means no spam in my Private Network. My Friends Network also is spam free and even my public network has less these days.

Elliot is stuck in the office monitoring the web cams on the wheat belt. Looks like rain just at the wrong time, so the commodities market is in for a slide. His Telemonitor will beep as he leaves the office so I can make sure dinner is on time. Some things never change…