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Feb. 2008

All project content from Outside the Box dated February, 2008.

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Technology and Audio-visual Media


Listening to Trevor Barr and Mark Pesce provided a useful reminder that when we talk about the future of television, we are covering (inter alia) two separate but related issues: technology and content.
Trevor Barr’s presentation mapped the path of regulation up to the present and canvassed options for the delivery of “high-speed” broadband via …(continue reading)

Trevor was very good on technological infrastructure. I feel I have much more of a sense of the view from the big end of town, and of the stakes and players in the Open Network process we are about to enter. I was struck by Trevor’s observation that Telstra would likely be the big winner from the new government’s election …(continue reading)

A February, 2008 article in The Age’s Business section covering the Federal Government’s call for tenders for the development of the National Broadband Network.
From the article:

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has announced that the Rudd Government will soon call tenders for a national broadband network offering substantial government capital investment.
Public policy has a great track record in building

…(continue reading)

Slides from a presentation given by Professor Trevor Barr (Swinburne University) to AFTRS.
Telecommunications in Transition (Download PDF)