Project Timeline 2005–2010

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May. 2007

All project content from Outside the Box dated May, 2007.

Title & Details


Debate and Understanding


1.1. Demography is destiny
1.2. Shift from content to consumer as King
The other key point to make is that there are two possible but paradoxical implications for storytelling to multiple screen experience. (opposite ends of a spectrum you might say) One is that the screen is just the screen and the ability to port material …(continue reading)

This is the Research Mind Map produced in 2007. See also the outline of key headings used in this mindmap.

May 2007 Mindmap (Download PDF)

Chair: Ross Gibson
In attendance: Lesley Osborne (ACMA), Paul Roberts (ACMA), Phillip Bell (UNSW), Hugh Pattinson (UTS), Annmarie Chandler (UTS), Ben Goldsmith (AFTRS), Andy Lloyd -James (AFTRS).
Apologies: Raphael Pustkowski

1. Update on contracts

The group expressed concern that the contracts be processed before the end of the financial year so that contributions could be made according to …(continue reading)

Mission of Project: To develop a strategic set of conversations around the future of television.

Key Concepts and Points of Difference for OTB

  • Long-ish duration.
  • Insider Experts. Outsider Experts. Complementarity.
  • Developing narrative adeptness rather than making prophecies.
  • Distinguishing scenarios from narratives.
  • Quickness and profusion of narratives.
  • Recursive process: Scenario Formation (outsider experts) — Narration (insider experts) — Review and

…(continue reading)

New Formulation of OTB — Morphology – Narrative — Recursion

1. Hugh’s summation of the overall aim of the project:

To develop a strategic set of conversations around the future of television.

This summation describes an approach that caters to the needs of the industry folks and of the academics. For industry, this approach gives the participants nimbleness, …(continue reading)