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Steering Group Meeting #1

Categories: Meetings, Steering Group
Date: 10 April 2007
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Summary notes from STEERING GROUP MEETING 1, Tuesday April 10th. 3-5pm.

Venue: AFTRS
Chair: Andy Lloyd James
In attendance: Raphael Pustkowski (Foxtel), Lesley Osborne (ACMA), Phillip Bell (UNSW), Hugh Pattinson (UTS), Annmarie Chandler (UTS).

Apologies: Ross Gibson

1. Governance Issues

ALJ outlined the role of the committee, in providing overall content and resource guidance to the project and promoting participation in the scenario planning activities. The critical difference between the pilot stage and the implementation stage is that we will require industry participants to take active roles in the research process both in sourcing material and in exploring specific issues.

ALJ proposed that the Chair of the Steering group be selected from the industry partners (excluding himself). This will be discussed further at the next meeting.

A dinner was also suggested for May in order to meet Ross Gibson, the project’s academic leader, who was unable to chair this meeting.

2. Contracts

LO outlined the reasons for the changes with the ACMA contract. These should ultimately benefit the project in clarifying detailed matters such as ongoing obligations and use of ACMA’s logo in the project’s communications.

The project also needs a proper plan (time and financial) for its calls on “in kind” contributions from the partners. Foxtel, ACMA and AFTRS need to know the project’s requirements in order to marry them with their own organsation’s activities and plans.

3. Research approach

Members discussed how different segments of the Screen Sector might use the final outcomes of the project. This was a very preliminary conversation and LO offered to make Paul Roberts, leader of the ACA’s 2020Vision project, available to advise us on the outcomes of that project. This ought perhaps to be a standing Agenda item to maintain focus on outcomes as the project goes through the complexities of implementation.

The meeting agreed that the project will deliver a number of scenarios about the future for interpretation and analysis, but also allow participants to produce more “open ended” versions that can be responsive to changing media environments.

ALJ reported on progress with the project’s website which will allow the industry to interact with the core questions and issues that arise, as well as act as the tool for building scenarios. It is hoped that the website will go live by the end of May.

4. Mind map, issues and drivers (thus far), challenge workshops.

The previous list of interviewees and emerging issues were discussed.

It was generally agreed that the 14 Key Influences identified so far should, where possible, be grouped into a smaller number of Critical Influence headings. The team should then attach industry participants to each of those Critical Influences to drive the research forwards.

A number of questions and suggestions arose about how we might do this. Members were also asked for feedback on the constitution of the industry pilot group and this will require further work, to be discussed at the next meeting.

Feedback was also encouraged on what might be missing from the topics and RP noted that the economic landscape was not yet covered i.e. the “forces at play” relating to time, money, competition and the relationship of any future innovations to potential capital investments. This was agreed and ALJ undertook to build it into the MindMap and website.

The Committee also discussed the appropriate first step for the implementation phase and agreed that a major “challenge” session would deliver both new ways of thinking and a burst of energy to the participants group (and the project team!). It was agreed that we should look to early/mid August for this event. In planning for it, the team needs also to plan a series of immediately ensuing, engaging activities so that the project is firmly placed at the centre of participant’s thinking.

Proposals for “challenge” speakers should be brought to the next Meeting. RP proposed that they should include people like investment brokers and stockbrokers who have a good grip on long-term trends with media investments.

A future steering group meeting was proposed for May 11th. where each member of the group would be asked: