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Advisory Group Meeting #4

Categories: Advisory Group, Meetings
Date: 19 April 2007

OTB Notes for Meeting with Ross on 19/4/07

1.For the proposed Methods workshop 4th May? – after 2pm?

We need to keep in mind that outputs for industry and academia diverge.
Its one thing to produce a successful “event” or series of “events” based on scenario planning methods that engage industry in talking about the future. It’s another thing to produce an engagement with industry within a conceptual and archival framework that will allow book chapters, articles and intellectual property to emerge.

Below is what I think I need, at this point, to manage the project effectively for its intended academic/ intellectual outputs.


A thinking/ discussion process that will move us towards a more shared conceptual framework
Not to arrive at too much theory at this stage, but in order to move us towards a short shared narrative about the ideas and outputs that distinguish our approach to scenario planning, that we can also share in plain words with industry.

Some keywords to unpack might be: generative, morphological, computational, dynamic scenario planning???

Process/ “marching orders”/method analysis or “describing the instrument”
The emergent situation, from my p.o.v, is that the stages for performing the project appear to be both “givens”, and at the same time appear to be designing themselves in a bit of an ad hoc way, meeting to meeting, and in response to who’s there etc.

I think we need to be able to say (justify) “why” we are using each method/stage in our scenario planning process, and also “how” each of the stages links to our conceptual framework. The “hows” also need to be examined to identify trouble spots and choices.

Thus, I feel it’s important to modify things as we progress but I now think we need a regular review process for assessing the methods/stages, their progress and value, and proposed changes.

Deciding how industry feeds back into this is significant for me as I will need to know who and where I am taking advice from as methods/stages progress or originate.

2.Business arising from minutes from Industry Steering Ctee. meeting.

progress with ACMA contracts.
May 11th meeting/ and dinner??????

3.MIA publication abstract

Due 1st May.