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Apr. 2007

All project content from Outside the Box dated April, 2007.

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OTB Notes for Meeting with Ross on 19/4/07

1.For the proposed Methods workshop 4th May? – after 2pm?

We need to keep in mind that outputs for industry and academia diverge.
Its one thing to produce a successful “event” or series of “events” based on scenario planning methods that engage industry in talking about the future. It’s another thing to …(continue reading)

Summary notes from STEERING GROUP MEETING 1, Tuesday April 10th. 3-5pm.

Venue: AFTRS
Chair: Andy Lloyd James
In attendance: Raphael Pustkowski (Foxtel), Lesley Osborne (ACMA), Phillip Bell (UNSW), Hugh Pattinson (UTS), Annmarie Chandler (UTS).
Apologies: Ross Gibson

1. Governance Issues

ALJ outlined the role of the committee, in providing overall content and resource guidance to the project and promoting participation …(continue reading)

The standard scenario planning ‘workflow’ still applies. It is easily accommodated within the ‘schedule’ that we offered the ARC. i.e:

  • Step 1 — brainstorm and decide on the major drivers in the system/environment. Discuss with all industry participants.
  • Step 2 — cluster the factors and drivers within a patterned/viable but relatively loose framework. Discuss with all industry participants.
  • Step

…(continue reading)