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IPTV: Order, Chaos and Anarchy

Categories: Further Reading & Research, Support Material
Date: 1 March 2007

A March, 2007 report by Mark Pesce for Smart Internet Services CRC on Australia’s prospects for a commercial IPTV system.

From the report’s executive summary:

The future of any commercial IPTV system in Australia is fundamentally hamstrung by a grossly under-resourced national broadband infrastructure. The commercial forces which might generate vast profits from this system are unwilling to underwrite the billions of dollars of investment that could turn their IPTV proposals into reality. Instead, the vacuum created by enormous audience demand for internet-delivered video programming is being filled by audience-driven solutions such as YouTube and BitTorrent. As audiences discover these new channels, the broadcasting incumbents find themselves increasingly marginalized; the audience has seized control of distribution. In this new and anarchic environment, chaos rules. It may already be too late to bring commercial IPTV to Australia.

IPTV: Order, Chaos and Anarchy (Download PDF)