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Advisory Group Meeting #3

Categories: Advisory Group, Meetings
Date: 16 March 2007
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Summary of Group Meeting 3 (16-3-07)

Place: UNSW
Chair: Ross Gibson
Also in attendance: Andy Lloyd- James, Philip Bell, Annmarie Chandler

1. Apologies

Hugh Pattinson, Ben Goldsmith.

2. Summary notes of the last meeting


3. Administrative matters

Progress with contracts —-Annmarie reported that the UTS Research office is still chasing the ACMA sign off and Nick Marsh will hold the contracts until this is complete. Nick expects it within 2 weeks.
Action: Ross to check on things during the week 19th-23rd March.

A UTS Online “Organisation” has been set up for the project. It will act as an ongoing repository for key documents, as well as discussion that arises from topics at meetings. Andy suggested a short “voice file” also, and Annmarie will check out whether this is possible on the site.

All members of the research group have been registered as “leaders” on the site and have full operational rights to the tools available through the control panel.

Any problems can be directed to Annmarie, and the UTS Help desk is 9514 2222.

Business cards—these are in progress. The phone number for messages for the project is 9514 7548. Ross will talk to Chris Bradshaw (admin at UTS) about the need for project confidentiality, in regard to any proposal that the project share its voicemail with other UTS research projects.

Linkage Steering Group——the Linkage grant requires that a steering group be set up from organizations supporting the project (ACMA, Foxtel and AFTRS).
We felt we should report to the steering group twice a year.

It is therefore proposed that the next group meeting scheduled for Tuesday 10th. April is a steering group meeting, to be hosted at AFTRS from 3.00pm-5.00pm.
Action: Andy will contact ACMA and Foxtel and arrange the venue.

4. Reports and Discussion

a) Publications
Philip reported that the refereed journal MIA (Media International Australia), is intending to publish an issue on:
Beyond Broadcasting: TV for the Twenty-first Century

Theme Editors: Graham Meikle and Sherman Young

Abstracts (500 words) by: 1 May 2007
Papers for refereeing: 1 August 2007
Final versions: 15 November 2007
Abstracts should be sent to Graham Meikle and Sherman Young by 1 May 2007. Following proposal assessments, papers for refereeing will be required by 1 August 2007, with any revisions to be completed by 15 November 2007 for publication in February 2008.
(Note: The full brief is on the “Outside the Box” site on UTS Online).

Members of the group thought getting publications included here about, or related to the OTB project, would be good.


Andy has placed the report about OTB that he wrote for the Writers Guild on our UTS online site, and it will be re-worked by members of the group for the publication.
Ross will write the Abstract in consultation with the group.
Philip is also proposing a paper that aligns with the project’s themes.

b) Discussion of project methods and interviewing process
Ross gave an outline of some of the key points he’d issued and reminded us this was very much a draft that had not been discussed with Hugh yet, and as Hugh was sick, we would wait for a response from Hugh before having a detailed discussion of these.

Ross referred the group to the WIKI online that addresses “scenario planning

And he has also referred us to the “morphological approach” to folktales and work of Vladimir Propp (1895-1970), currently investigated within contemporary literary theory.

Discussing the interviewing and focus group proposals, everyone agreed that the first round of interviews for the proof of concept were challenging and very interesting. It was decided not to re-interview before hosting a larger meeting with industry participants. The purpose of the larger meeting would be to evoke challenges to “long-term” thinking within the group, by providing the perspectives of selected “Holy Fools”. A call for suggestions for the Holy Fools is on the UTS online site in the discussion zones. They need to be “provocateurs” that will unbalance the mainstream thinking and influences about the futures of television flowing within the industry and its commentary sectors (i.e. ethnographers, neuroscientists, marketers and medical people, people with radically destabilising perspectives who can put them across in 15 minutes or so each).

We discussed the constitution of the industry participants and it was agreed that Andy would re-examine the list with an eye to; selecting who might be re-interviewed immediately following the larger meeting with the Holy Fools; who could be re-interviewed later in the year (i.e. media bureaucrats); and who might be removed/added to the original list to provide the broadest perspective on the influences in the sector.

The AFTRS research website is progressing and the aim is to have it up by the end of June for the industry participants.


Andy to phone Hugh and inform him of the revised approach to be taken to interviews and challenge sessions.

Andy to re-examine the current list of interviewees to get it to a core of 15.

Andy to contact all the original participants by phone to re-engage with them and let them know what’s happening.

We will all look at the mind map again to see what might be missing and Andy will find the text version of the 16 points and post it on UTS Online for us.

Next meeting is with the ARC Linkage Steering group at AFTRS,
Tuesday 13th. April 3-5pm. Room to be advised.