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Consumer Seminar Agenda

Categories: Consumers, Conversation, General
Date: 2 February 2007

A.   0930 – 10.45.   Demographics/Lifestyle

A1.   Welcome

A2.   Hugh Mackay:  Australia’s changing demographics (inc Q & A)

A3.   Genevieve Bell:  Researching change  (Inc Q & A)
Break:  1045 – 1100

B. 1100 -1230.  Different kinds of Consumers, see MindMap.

All participants

B5.   What changes are we clearly seeing with TV and Film audiences:


B6.    Which other technologies/formats are

B7.     Are consumers leading change or following?

B8.    What are the research gaps in our understanding of audience/consumer behaviour and more particularly in consumer motivation

B9.    What is the best approach to filling those gaps