Project Timeline 2005–2010

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Summary of Meeting (22-2-07)

Venue: UNSW
Present: Ross Gibson , Phillip Bell, Andy Lloyd-James, Ben Goldsmith, Hugh Pattinson, Annmarie Chandler

1. Apologies


2. Summary of the Last Meeting

Andy to check for his copy and provide any feedback.

3. Administrative Matters

Contracts etc. Ross reported that the research office is close to closing on the contracts for the project and therefore the project will be able to commence formally soon. A statement of Background Intellectual Property (BIP) was prepared for the Seeding phase, so it may not be necessary to do this again for the Linkage.

The ethics clearance process should also be able to be rolled over from the Seeding to the Linkage as nothing has changed here yet in terms of the way the project will be conducted and its relationship with participants. It is noted that an undertaking is made that all interviews will remain anonymous.

Further Group Meetings re-scheduled

Annmarie’s Office space at UTS

Building 3 (Bon Marche) – Room 227.
Voice mail for messages only : 9514 7458
Mobile 0402691599

4. Online Collaboration Tools

Andy reported that he is investigating the possibility of designing an interactive research tool and template with AFTRS. The WIKI model will thus go on hold until the situation with AFTRS is clearer. The WIKI would really require a moderator to be an effective tool for this project, which we do not have at this stage. Ross and Andy to relay a big thankyou to Tim Mansfield for the work he did on showing us what a  WIKI might do.

5. Reports

Andy reported and provided a summary on the very successful AFTRS Consumer Seminar. A group of organizations who attended this seminar are interested in getting a corporate research project going with AFTRS that would explore lifestyles of different types of Australian “home” and their motivations for using different technology platforms for entertainment and other social purposes.
The proposal was discussed with feedback from this meeting.

6. Reviewing the Proof of Concept Stage…… (and Onwards)

The major part of this meeting was spent discussing and debating the approaches taken in the pilot stage of “Outside the Box” and its relationship to approaches taken in related projects that used scenario planning as a way of developing new insights about the future.

Ross made a significant point about discussing and debating methodology – that what was described in the Linkage as our stages or milestones for the research were like our “marching orders” for performing the project. These were not so much the issue, therefore. Rather, what was at issue was the “scenario methods” we employed in this march. Phillip elaborated on the importance of developing clarity about the scenario process.


Hugh and Ross to meet before the next group meeting to discuss scenario methods.

Annmarie, Phillip and Andy to meet to discuss the re-interviewing process. (Thursday 8th. March, 9.00am UTS, Building 3, Room 227)

NEXT RESEARCH GROUP MEETING: Friday 16th March 9.30am – 11.30am  UNSW