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Jan. 2007

All project content from Outside the Box dated January, 2007.

Title & Details


Summary of Meeting (11-1-07)

Place: University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
People: Ross Gibson , Phillip Bell, Andy Lloyd-James, Ben Goldsmith, Hugh Pattinson, Annmarie Chandler

1. Strategy/Schedule:

Refer to stages in ARC document.
Deliverables (currently)
1. Stage 2 should take 6 months
Interactive mindmap and project analysis and collaboration tools.
2nd round interviews _ Andy to perform with input from
Phillip …(continue reading)

The world of analogue television may be likened to a game of two-dimensional chess. Complex though its rules may be and excepting the presence of time, movement in the game is limited to two dimensions. The world of digital audio-visual content has the same base but is like three-dimensional chess played on multiple levels, giving the players immense flexibility not …(continue reading)

Future Broadcasting Regulation is a report by Robin Foster commissioned by the UK’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport.
From the report’s introduction:

This report was commissioned by the DCMS as a think piece to help stimulate and inform the important debate about future changes in the policy and regulatory framework for UK broadcasting and other electronic media. It develops

…(continue reading)