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All project content from Outside the Box dated 2007.

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Title & Details


Introduction & Summary

Introduction: commentary

This session was both shorter and sharper than the first. It was designed to delve further into the five key issues selected by the first forum and to see if we could begin to recognise some underlying concerns not yet fully apparent: what for shorthand we’ve called “black holes”.
The notes on the actual contents …(continue reading)

Industry Forum 2: ‘5 Drivers’ Workshop

Venue: 7.Nov.07 – Citigate Hotel
Summary: (Ross Gibson)
Sincere thanks for the generous and rigorous way everyone has contributed to the research we are all doing together on the future of television. Here in the university world, we count it a privilege to be working with this team of knowledgeable and influential people at …(continue reading)

Forum 17th October: Preliminary Report

This Report is a brief overview of the forum, what it achieved and where we go next. It also includes a commentary by the Research team opening up some of the first clusters of ideas to have come out of the whole day.
Participant List:

  • Lesley Osborne
    ACMA (LO)
  • Trevor Barr
    Swinburne (TB)
  • Tania

…(continue reading)

Industry Forum 2 – 17 October 2007

Venue: Citigate Hotel, Elizabeth Bay Room
Participant List:

  • Lesley Osborne
    ACMA (LO)
  • Trevor Barr
    Swinburne (TB)
  • Tania Chambers
  • Bethwyn Serrow
    SPAA (BS)
  • Michael Frankel
    Frankel Lawyers (MF)
  • Ian Davis
    Telstra Media (ID)
  • Guy Gadney
    PBL Digital (GG)
  • Lisa Walsh
    ABC (LW)
  • John Maynard
    Arena Films (JM)
  • Eric Beecher
    Publisher, Crikey

…(continue reading)

STEERING GROUP MEETING 3 – Tuesday September 18th, 4-6pm.  UTS.

Summary notes from meeting

Chair: Ross Gibson (UTS)
In attendance: Lesley Osborne (ACMA), Hugh Clapin (ACMA), Raphael Pustkowski (Foxtel), Hugh Pattinson (UTS), Annmarie Chandler (UTS), Ben Goldsmith (AFTRS), Andy Lloyd -James (AFTRS).
Apologies: Philip Bell (UNSW)
The purpose of the meeting was to update industry partners on where we are …(continue reading)

Andy:  We need to make sure everyone is standing on the same deck. So a point of revision is necessary.
They should all have a briefing on where we are at and how we got there, and that will include the Mind map and the website.
Somewhere early in the piece we need to offer them an opportunity to say …(continue reading)

Report by Andy Lloyd James and Ross Gibson

The Context

This is a report on the first half of a major study funded by the Australian Research Council in partnership with Foxtel, the Australian Communications and Media Authority, and the Australian Film Television and Radio School, the University of Technology in Sydney and the University of NSW. The academic investigators …(continue reading)

Meeting August 2nd, 2007. Notes on the discussion about the website development.

In attendance: Andy Lloyd James, Hugh Pattinson, Ross Gibson, Ben Goldsmith, Annmarie Chandler.
Apologies: n/a

A front page and primary functions

Objective is better comprehension for novice users.
Firstly to make site less confusing on first glance. And from coming at it cold, which was our response from …(continue reading)

Debate and Understanding


1.1. Demography is destiny
1.2. Shift from content to consumer as King
The other key point to make is that there are two possible but paradoxical implications for storytelling to multiple screen experience. (opposite ends of a spectrum you might say) One is that the screen is just the screen and the ability to port material …(continue reading)

This is the Research Mind Map produced in 2007. See also the outline of key headings used in this mindmap.

May 2007 Mindmap (Download PDF)