Project Timeline 2005–2010

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All project content from Outside the Box dated 2005.

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Andy Lloyd James: About content as much as anything else, because that’s really… I mean the ACA as you know has done that big vision of 2020 thing in technology in whatever strengths and weaknesses that may have, but my real interest is content. Can I just kick off from the start?
Interviewee: Yes.
Question number 1, the key issues …(continue reading)

Andy Lloyd James: …right throughout the interview you can’t be named… you can’t be sourced.
Interviewee: Okay, and now that’s important. Because I don’t want… so this is just simply…
You use this…
As you…
Some of the things you say may appear in documentation but it won’t be sourced to you and it won‘t be there in …(continue reading)

Interviewee: This one is actually LG but Toshiba have got one, there’s probably half a dozen different sort of touch screen ones like that available.
Andy Lloyd James: What’s it worth?
Oh who knows, about three and a half I think. I think the value for money is not quite there but, well that’s [xxxxx].
I hope that’s true.
That’s …(continue reading)

Andy Lloyd James: You are, as I said, you are on the team, you’re right up the front end of this. What we’re talking about is Television in 2015. Whatever that is. Wherever it’s going to from here, and as much as anything else, I’m interested in the CONTENT just as much as technology or anything else. So, what do …(continue reading)

CD B – 18th March 2005
Andy Lloyd James: I just love it because it’s just done straight on the computer and then you can burn discs and everything so I can shoot you back a disc of what you said anyway.
Interviewee: Yeah, sounds good.
All righty.
You lead, you’ll kind of control it and ask what you want …(continue reading)

Several pages of writing on “The Matrix Approach” from Kees Van der Heijden’s 2005 book Scenarios: The Art of Strategic Conversation
Scenario Development – The Matrix Approach (Download PDF)

The following industry figures were interviewed for Outside The Box during the project’s 2005 ‘proof of concept’ phase. For confidentiality reasons, names are not attached to individual interviews – instead, they are codified with letters (A, B, C, etc).

  • Anderson, Kim – Chief Operating person at Southern Star, Southern Cross Digital
  • Bailey, Esther – AIMIA
  • Berryman, Will – VP

…(continue reading)

Ten years from now, how might we answer this question?  What technological, legal, psychological and sociological factors would we need to understand?  Interweaving several ‘knowledge domains’, what might we learn not only about television but also about our ‘knowledge economy’ and ‘creative industries’?
The application prepares ‘scenario planning’ exercises for an ARC Linkage Grant that would bring together …(continue reading)