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All project content from Outside the Box dated 2005.

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The list of those attending is at Appendix One.

  • The first part of the summary covers the key points raised during the afternoon and most particularly the final list of key critical issues. The issues nominated by the group have been expanded by the addition of comments made over the course of the forum and by Researchers’ interpretations.
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Interviewee: Yeah of course.
Lloyd James: So that really is the question. What sort of a society in which we’re living?
Well, the first and most dramatic thing that is going to be different is the age distribution. I think when we’re looking ahead roughly 15 to 20 years, is that [xxxxx]….
Yeah [xxxxx] 2015.
2015 that’s right. So 10 …(continue reading)

Andy Lloyd James: …we are on record…
Interviewee: [xxxxx] do anything about it.
Is this the University’s, or yours?
That’s mine. I feel I could have waited a thousand years [xxxxx] [laughs] Now I knew the only way for some stuff which I’m doing for Foxtel, but its’ a beautiful piece of [xxxxx].
Mm, hmm.
So the project itself is …(continue reading)

Andy Lloyd James: Tell me what time you need to go.
Interviewee: Well it would be [xxxxx].
That’s fine, oh look I promise you I’ll be gone by 11.15, in fact you can just call the time.
All right, I’ll do that, so.
The first one, what I’m really looking at is content as much as technology. It’s really what …(continue reading)

Andy Lloyd James: The other thing I should say, I’m sure I said it in my email, nothing that you say is attributable to you. It maybe used in the research but won’t be sourced back to you unless you go to [xxxxx]?
Female Speaker: Yeah, that’s fine.
So we’re off.
My business is… what I’m looking for is …(continue reading)

Andy Lloyd James: Is that going? That’s ticking away nicely. I’ve sent you the questions.
Interviewee: Yeah I’ve got it here.
It really goes to the heart of that first question, the key issue question about [xxxxx]. Well and incidentally you are attributable on this.
Yeah thanks. But I’ve still got to deal with the networks.
And if at the …(continue reading)

Andy Lloyd-James: We can stop anytime that you want to stop at all. Okay. so the first question was, television is clearly going to change over the next 10 years from what we’ve see now. What are the… what do you see as the key issues that will lead to that change, over the next 10 years?
Interviewee: Yes, I… …(continue reading)

Andy Lloyd James: The first, there’s only six questions. The first question is what do you see as the key issues for the future development of television? This is television, as we know it now, but completely reshaped for 2015?
Interviewee: Well I think our… it just sort of starts with what you know about today’s world that will translate …(continue reading)

Interviewee: [xxxxx].
Andy Lloyd James: Okay.
You need to put your marker down for the ones you don’t know. Perhaps my brief, aborted career is really a journalist.
Key issues for the future development of television?
Key issues for the future development of television? Number 1 – quality. I think that’s the biggest one because if you get the proliferation …(continue reading)

Andy Lloyd James: …these days just seeing how…
Interviewee: [xxxxx] but if I say… I will tell you if something is highly confidential.
There you go, sure.
I mean the thing for me and I’ve just spent some time in the U.S talking to senior TV executives so I’ve been thinking about television a bit lately. And for me I …(continue reading)